13th Nov, 2010

Newsletter 14-11-10


It is with mixed emotions that I inform you that I am leaving this parish to take up a new appointment as parish priest of St. Brigid’s Mordialloc and St. Louis de Montfort’s Aspendale. I will leave this fantastic parish on the 12th January, just one day under my eleventh anniversary of starting here, and it will not be easy to say goodbye. You have all supported me in my priesthood, been generous with your acceptance of me and loved me totally. I reflect back over the last 11 years and remember the joys and struggles of my life and you have been there especially when my mother died. You are the people who I will be sad to say goodbye to, yet I will remember you fondly and continue to pray for you.
Why move when all is well? As a “young” priest in the Archdiocese (I will be regarded young for many more years as we have many older priests and not many new priests), I knew that my need for different parish experiences is important for my priesthood. My time here was always finite and so I feel that it is the right time for me to look to the next chapter in my priesthood and also for this parish to embrace it’s next chapter. Be open to the new priest and remember that change is inevitable but through change new life can occur.
A parish profile is currently being sent to all priests within the Archdiocese for them to consider. Your prayers can assist at this time that the Holy Spirit will be part of the discernment of your next Pastor. A meeting of priests along with the Vicar General will discern the situation and recommend to the Archbishop who to appoint as the next PP. This is to happen on Tuesday 7th December and possibly news of the next PP may be known that evening. I look forward to spending the next 2 months with you as I prepare to say goodbye but not farewell.
Fr. Andrew

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