14th Oct, 2011

Parish Newsletter 16 Oct 2011

Parish Newsletter 16th October 2011

This Sunday is a very special day for us for we will join in the journey of faith of two women who wish to be received into the Catholic Church – Bri Spencer & Kylie Andrews. At the 10.30 Mass Kylie & Bri will be presented by the RCIA Team and welcomed into the community by Fr Joseph. They will then be signed with the mark of their new way of life.
Let us hold these women in our hearts and in our prayer.

Godstart 3 Year Old Birthday Party
Sat. 22nd October, 2011
Unfortunately will be cancelled due to lack of response.

The St. Vincent De Paul Society is seeking new supporters for our program –
This is an education scholarship program aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty.
There is a poster at the front of the church and supply of brochures underneath.
If you are interested in this program complete and send in the application,
or ring Bill McConville 9726 6263 or Tony Warren 9726 8363

Wanted: Your thoughts on the Julian’s Journal
Dear Community Member,
The Julian’s Journal has been an integral part of our parish for over 35 years. It has provided us with updates on parish events, enabled us to share our stories, tears & inspirations and has given us all a laugh or two along the way.
We would now like to take stock and have a good look at our magazine to make sure that it is meeting the needs of all the members of Parish Community (both church and school members).
As a result, we invite you to complete a brief survey and to share your thoughts on what you like and perhaps don’t like about our parish magazine. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Please complete this survey by Sunday 30th October 2011.
Here is the link to the Julian’s Journal Survey:


There will also be survey forms in the church foyer.
We look forward to receiving your responses.
Thanks in advance,
Fr. Joseph Lu Xin, Parish Priest
Mrs. Ann O’Connor, Editor of Julian’s Journal

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