14th Apr, 2012

Parish Newsletter 15 April 2012

Parish Newsletter 15-4–2012

Many thanks to those who contributed to the Easter Offerings.
Fr Joseph Lu Xin


We wish to thank those who clean our church.
We require new volunteers to help out with this ministry, if you are able to assist, please contact Adriana on 9723 4275 or email the parish at mooroolbark@cam.org.au

Dinner at the Well – Friday 25th May 2012
“Ecuador – a journey into eco-spirituality”
Jane and Neil have recently returned from a journey to Ecuador where they spent time with a number of indigenous communities.
At our next Dinner at the Well conversation, they will share some of their journey and how it has deepened their understanding of spirituality particularly as it relates to our call to be stewards of planet Earth.

Would you like to be part of St Peter Julian’s (including St. Richard’s) Parish Christmas Fair 2012?
First meeting will be held on Tuesday, 24th April at 7.30 pm in SPJE School (Parish Meeting Room 1.)

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