14th Aug, 2012

Parish Newsletter 12 August 2012

Parish Newsletter 12-8-12

The GodStart Birthday Club
Celebrating our youngest Parishioners
The GodStart Birthday Club has been operating for over ten years at SPJE. Our purpose is to provide a link between the Parish and all pre-school children who have been baptised in our Parish. We do this by celebrating the birthdays of our one to four year olds. For one and two year olds, our team hand deliver a beautiful card to the child’s home. For three year olds, we organise a party each October, held in the school hall. There are stories, activities and party food, and it is also a great opportunity for parents to meet. For the four year olds, we have a special Mass combined with the Parish Picnic held in February each year, where every four year old receives a lovely prayer book.
Our GodStart Team is now too small for us to operate effectively and WE NEED YOUR HELP! Could you spare about three hours per month? Our Team meets one Thursday per month at the Parish House at 10:00am for about an hour. We deliver the birthday cards in pairs once a month and this can take up to two hours. The three year old party and four year old Mass take a little extra time, but these are only once a year activities.
Anyone can help, young or old, male or female! If you don’t have a car, another Team member can pick you up. If you can help, please phone Adriana at the Parish House on 9723-4275.

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