12th Oct, 2012

Parish Newsletter 14 Oct 2012

Parish Newsletter 14-10-2012

Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre Open Day
The Mary MacKillop Museum, at 362 Albert Street East Melbourne, will be open to the public on Saturday 20th October from l0am – 4pm, to enable visitors to view the special exhibition on “Dr James Isbister — Personal Physician to Mary MacKillop”. A guided Mary MacKillop walking tour around East Melbourne will be conducted from 11am until 12noon. The museum, chapel and gift shop will be open and light refreshments available.

Discriminatory legislation was pushed through the parliament on June 29th 2012. Do you know what the legislation means? Can you accept the discriminations and restrictions placed on Indigenous Territorians and others? Or perhaps, the question should be: How much do you know about the legislation and its impacts on people? ‘cA’ are a group who came together following the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) in the Northern Territory in 2007. Though this Act was
reinstated on the last day of 2010 unjust & discriminatory legislation continues to be passed!
The Aust. Catholic Bishops Conference, the ACSJC, parish justice groups and leading human rights groups and many others groups have spoken out strongly against this new legislation. ‘cA’ provides in the main opportunities for the voices of Aboriginal peoples of the N.T. to express their views.
See www.concernedaustralians.com.au for details.
Venue: Holy Saviour Parish Centre, Vermont Sth.
Date: Oct 17th Time : 8- 9pm Access to car park via Holy Saviour Primary School at 765 Highbury Rd, Vermont Sth. Follow the long drive past the school’s fields to the parish centre – at its end. . Note strickly rsvp to John Edwards 9800 5218 / Email foxvox@connexus.net.au by Oct 15th.
Refer also to flyers on the notice board in foyer

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