13th Nov, 2012

Parish Newsletter 11 Nov 2012

Parish Newsletter 11-11-2012

A Big thank you to all for the lovely gifts and the used stamps donated to the Mary Mac Killop East Timor Mission.
We have 10 boxes to send to Sydney. They will then be sent to East Timor. Grateful thanks to Graeme Vear & Merrill Harris for transport.

JULIAN’S JOURNAL Articles needed
Yes – it’s that time again … we are starting to prepare the Christmas edition of the Julian’s Journal! If you have something that you’d like to share with our parish & school community – maybe an article, story, inspirational or funny quotes, favourite recipes, gardening tips, news of what you or your group is doing, any requests for assistance or children’s activities – please email them to spjemag@gmail.com or drop them off at the Parish House or your School
Office by Friday 23rd November. If you have any questions about this, please call Ann O’Connor on 0417 598 308.

Fair Chocolate drive…..
Running from 07 November to fair day we are collecting donations of blocks of chocolate for the fair Chocolate Game.
Donations box is available in the church foyer.

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