7th Jun, 2013

Parish Newsletter 9 Jun 2013

Parish Newsletter 9-6-2013

The Family Care Sisters facility at Croydon, offers wholistic care to all women (aged 20-70 yrs) who are in need of a peaceful environment, ‘time out’, support or nurturing. Our residential program operates each week, Monday-Friday. A daily group session is held on topics such as ‘relaxation’, ‘well-being’, ‘self-awareness’, ‘boundaries’, etc.
Suggested cost: $30 per day.
For further information or to book in: contact us on Ph. 9723 6797.
Web: www.familycaresisters.com.au
Email: resthome.familycare@bigpond.com
Suggestion: Cut out this notice and place on your fridge

Weekend of 9th – 11th August 2013 (2 night stay).
Cost $170 ($85per night) this includes meals and accommodation.
A deposit of $50 is required by Thur. 20th June,
Either to me or Adriana at the parish office.
Please contact me with any queries about transport.
Christine Sellar on 9726 0407 or email christinesellar@bigpond.com

The Parish is providing an SPJE CHILDREN’S PAGE to assist our younger or school aged children understand the Gospel at Mass on Sunday. There will be a children’s page available in the Church foyer for them to complete during Sunday mass or at home. Parents are then able to discuss the Gospel reading at the children’s level of understanding when they return home. We hope that this will make Mass an even more interesting place for your children.

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