24th Jul, 2013

Parish Newsletter 21 Jul 2013

Parish Newsletter 21-7-2013

The Story and Spirit of St Peter Julian Eymard
Peter Julian Eymard was born in the French Alps on February 4, 1811. He lived very close to the Church, and his mother would take him every day for visits to the Blessed Sacrament.
Even at an early age, he was sensitive to spiritual things. However it was to be a long, long journey before Peter Julian could finally realise his vocation to spread a love for the Holy Eucharist in the church of France and found two religious congregations and an association for the laity.
Although he always wanted to become a priest, the way was not easy. His own father bitterly opposed his vocation and Peter Julian began studying in secret. After the death of his father, he was free to follow his vocation. He entered the seminary for Diocesan priests at Grenoble, and at the age of 24 he was ordained a priest on July 29 1834. He was sent to the town of Chatte as Assistant Priest, and three years later became the Pastor at Monteynard, where he was greatly loved by the people.
During his time at Chatte, an event occurred which marked his spiritual life very profoundly. While he was spending an afternoon of prayer, he was overwhelmed by a sense of the goodness of God. He referred to this event until the end of his life.

Invitation to Contribute to Thanksgiving
Are you a regular participant to our Parish community? Have you considered contributing financially to support the activities of our parish?
If you are already contributing, whether through generously giving of your time, skills or financially, the parish community thanks you. Without you we would not have the vibrant parish we do.
If you are not yet contributing financially and you are in a position to contribute something (every little bit helps) please contact Adriana at the parish house on 9723 4275 or by email on Mooroolbark@cam.org.au, or complete a Pledge card which are available in the church foyer with a plain envelope provided for privacy if required.

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