Social Justice Action Group

Everyone knows of this group running our annual advent appeal, however this group also runs all throughout the year.  With a focus on, as the name suggests, Social Justice, the group is active in finding new ways to promote and effect Social Justice in our community and on a more global scale.  Past focus concerns have been East Timor, asylum seekers and Aboriginal Sunday (this is an ongoing focus).

It becomes very easy to live insular lives and not see the injustices that occur in the world – or even on our front door steps.  We are fortunate to have this group in our midst to heighten our awareness and assist us to do what little we can.

Membership of the group does not require anything special – your desire to see more justice in this world is the best thing you could bring.  One can make a difference – joining up with others can have an even more profound effect. Contact us on the details below or see the Parish newsletter for upcoming meeting dates.