St Vincent De Paul Society

There’s no doubt that there are many people needing assistance in our community, and so supporting St V de P is a small way that we can do this.  St V de P are the real front line workers going out to see what help they can offer those in need.

Many people will have been aware that the services of St V de P were in great demand after the terrible bushfires we experienced last year, but hopefully you are all also aware that their services are utilised every day of the year by families who may actually not be able to put food on the table that night.

Each week at mass lots of families bring along a donation of food for the collection, if you are not already doing so, please see if you can add just that extra can or packet to your shopping that would help so much.  If you are already doing so – thank you.

There are many other ways to assist St V de P:  soon there will be information about the Winter Appeal; at any time during the year financial assistance is invaluable and goods of reusable quality can be donated to St V de P also (please don’t leave them next to a donation bin though, as they will invariably get wrecked and be of no use to anyone).

If you feel that you want to do more, why not speak to St V de P about volunteering?  There should never come a day when no one is available to help people in need, so give it a thought today.